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Building Strategic Alignment

Our curriculum is based on cutting-edge research, to provide you with evidence-based insights on aligning strengths, values and differences.





Our journey begins with a clearer and fuller vision of your best self, your best team, and your best organizational state of flourishing. Discover how to live out your mission, fulfill your purpose and make a positive difference in the world.


Our sessions help clients to discover their strengths and core values and put them into constructive action. We will guide you in bringing the best of who you are to your work and world by carefully, consciously, and intentionally creating the conditions where you and your teams can thrive personally and professionally.

Sample workshops:

  • Discovering and Activating Your Best Self  (two-part workshop including the Reflected Best Self Exercise*)

  • Maximizing Value-Creation through Building Capability and Capacity

  • Cultivating Positive Identities at Work

  • Bringing out the Best in Others at Work

*Reflected Best-Self Exercise: The Reflected Best Self exercise provides you with feedback about who you are when you are at your best. Participants request positive feedback from significant people in their lives, which they then synthesize into a cumulative portrait of their “best self.” We provide individuals, teams, and leadership development programs with facilitated administration of this tool. The Reflected Best Self exercise was developed by Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts and her colleagues from the University of Michigan’s  Center for Positive Organizations.




To build relationships and trust, colleagues and clients must perceive you as genuine, technically competent, and socially competent.


We help our clients to address challenges with building authentic relationships and experiencing full engagement with work. We offer strategies for enhancing the continuity between culture, values, preferences, and workplace and marketplace demands.

Sample workshops:

  • Managing Your Visibility

  • Leading Authentically

  • Creating a Positive Professional Image




Extraordinary leaders know how to create contexts that engage employees maximally from positions of strength.


Maximal engagement involves enabling employees of diverse perspectives and backgrounds to bring their best selves to work – leveraging their unique strengths and experiences to make valuable, authentic contributions to their organizations. We help our clients to unleash the unrealized potential that diverse perspectives and experiences bring to organizations. Our work builds upon an appreciative perspective for learning about, learning across and learning from differences.

Sample workshops:

  • Building High Quality Connections Across Difference

  • Affirming differences through Mobilizing Identity-based Resources

  • Equity: Flipping the Script for Learning

Interactive Lectures and Case Discussions:

  • Race, Work and Leadership

  • Women and Leadership

  • Leading Organizational Change through Strategic Alignment

  • Back to BASICS: Culture-building in High Performance, High Engagement Teams

  • Negotiations 101

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